Reduce Waste Resource Kit

Save $71.40
SKU 10007
Reusing, recycling and reducing is the best way to limit waste. This kit is dedicated to teaching children about this vital part of life. Play a game of 'clean up the carpet', where you roll the soft dice and hop from one space to the next, whilst learning how to look after our planet. Then sit down on the carpet and read your big books and assemble your environmentally educational puzzles. SAVE $71.40 with this Resource Kit which includes:
  • Recycling?ÿPuzzle
  • Recycling Truck Puzzle
  • Taking out the Rubbish Puzzle
  • Clean up the Rubbish Puzzle
  • Clean up the carpet?ÿGame
  • Let's Learn about where the rubbish goes?ÿBig Book
  • Recycling is fun?ÿBig Book





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