Once upon a time Fairy Tale Big Book Set of 6

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You asked for new fairy tale big books, so here you go! These 6 new big books have been carefully selected from popular culture and are very personal to many children. Stories like Peter Pan are perfect to learn about Belonging, Being, Becoming and teach us the importance of imagination, creative play and family. We also learn about precious families in Beauty and the Beast and Snow White as well as real beauty - the kind that is on the inside and that it is not so important how we look on the outside. Rumplestiltskin teaches us about honesty, greed, vanity and forgiveness. The Snow Queen is all about friendship, emotions and teaches us that even if we get angry with each other, we can always apologise and we can always forgive. This book is also about stranger danger. In Rapunzel we learn about honesty, greed, belongings, friendship and that the world is full of wonderful things to learn about and explore. Each title is embedded with other important morals to discover and discuss as a class. They have been created to provide fun, engaging stories for children, while teaching them important morals in alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each book features big, bright, happy illustrations in a cut-out texture style and fun, recognisable characters. These fairy tales are some of the most exciting big books out and are a valuable resource for the classroom.

This big book set includes:

  1. Peter Pan Fairy Tale Big Book
  2. Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale Big Book
  3. Snow White and the seven dwarfs Fairy Tale Big Book
  4. Rumplestiltskin Fairy Tale Big Book
  5. The Snow Queen Fairy Tale Big Book
  6. Rapunzel Fairy Tale Big Book


    100% Australian made. 

    Our books use the highest quality Australian printing, with protective gloss covers and thick pages. 


    Size A3 (42cm x 30cm). 16 pages. Paper stock 300gsm covers and 200gsm pages.

    This is a pack of 6 big books. 

    Once upon a time Fairy Tale Big Book Set of 6

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