Hansel and Gretel in the Bush Big Book

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This is the story of two very resourceful young children, a brother and sister, who love to go on adventures together. They come up with clever ways to stay safe in the bush, but accidentally get lost. They meet a stranger who traps them and tries to make them eat unhealthy food, to fatten them up. The clever children only eat a little bit of unhealthy food, then escape and find their way home. This book is all about being resourceful, staying safe, stranger danger and even has a moral about eating, sometimes. It also emphasises the importance of family and friendship. Our books use the highest quality Australian printing, with protective gloss covers and thick pages. Written, illustrated and printed in Australia. Big Book size: 42cm x 31cm. 16 pages.



Written, illustrated and printed in Australia. Heavy duty glossy cover.


Big Book size: A3. 42cm x 30cm. 16 pages.

Hansel and Gretel in the Bush Big Book

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