Set of 4 Mindfulness Big Books

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Set of 4 Mindfulness Big Books includes:

  1. The Mindfulness Alphabet Big Book
  2. Why do I feel Emotions Big Book
  3. Positive Mindset Affirmations Big Book
  4. Get to know me Big Book


    It’s BIG Book Pack!

    Nothing feels better than sitting around in a group learning together. Our BIG Books are the perfect size for all to see as the teacher and children sit together for reading.

    A teachable Lesson

    These big books teach valuable lessons based on specific Australian curriculum and learning outcomes.

    Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)


    Visual, vocabulary and Imagination learning

    Captivating illustrations, photos and words can help to increase children’s imagination, creativity and sensory learning skills as well as provide wonderful classroom discussions.

    Written by a psychologist

    Thoughtfully written by Emma Williams, registered psychologist.

    Made in Australia

    Oz Publishing books are proudly designed, illustrated and written in Australia using Australian sustainably sourced paper.

    What’s in the box?

    This product is sold as 4 books.

    Out of the box thinking

    Environmentally friendly recycled cardboard packaging can be creatively upcycled into useful classroom items. Alternatively, please recycle your carboard box to help do your part for the environment.


    Dimensions: A3. (42cm x 30cm) 

    Weight: 1.5kg.

    Ages: 3+

    Set of 4 Mindfulness Big Books

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