Jack and the Gumnut Stalk Big Book

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Jack meets a Swagman who gives him some magic gumnuts. They grow into an enormous eucalyptus which Jack climbs up to find a big shed in the clouds, with a sleeping giant inside. In the original story, Jack steals the giant's things and then kills him! In this version, there is no violence. Instead, Jack does the right thing and gives back the giant's things, a magic harp and a chicken, which happen to be the giant's only friends. When Jack apologises and goes home, the giant shows his gratitude. This big book teaches us about possessions, doing the right thing, apologies, forgiveness, gratitude, and friendship. 


100% Australian made. 

Our books use the highest quality Australian printing, with protective gloss covers and thick pages. 

Designed in accordance with Early Years Learning Framework in Australia.


Size A3 (42cm x 30cm) 16 pages. Paper stock 300gsm covers and 200gsm pages.

Jack and the Gumnut Stalk Big Book

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