The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Story Big Book

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Step into the enchanting world of Dreamtime as we follow the meandering path of the Rainbow Serpent in our new captivating children's book Big Book. Illustrated and written by Kiz Costellow, Aboriginal artis and story teller, " The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Story" takes young readers on a colorful and culturally rich adventure.

As you turn the pages, you'll witness the Rainbow Serpent's magnificent presence, depicted in intricate dots and lines, weaving its way through the Australian landscape. But this is more than just a serpent—it's a powerful creator and myth, shaping the land and water, and giving life to all living things.

Join the Serpent as it travels through sacred waterholes, carving rivers and lakes, and leaving behind a trail of vibrant hues. Along the way, discover the wisdom and traditions of Indigenous peoples, who have revered the Rainbow Serpent for generations.

This beautifully illustrated book not only introduces children to the captivating world of Aboriginal art but also teaches them about the deep cultural connection between Indigenous communities and the land. It's a story of creation, wonder, and respect for the natural world, encouraging young readers to appreciate the beauty and significance of Australia's ancient cultures.

Written and illustrated by the talented Aboriginal artist Kiz Costelloe.

Kiz Costelloe is a proud Mandandanji and Noonuccal woman. She was born and raised in Rockhampton, Queensland with her mum and sister, Nysh.

Her elders are her biggest inspiration and getting to carry on her Uncle’s legacy by
pursuing art and sharing his name and stories is something she values very deeply.

Kiz has used her knowledge in art and health to make a difference in her community by teaching people of all ages to believe in themselves and that they can do whatever they put their minds to.

Kiz is very passionate about sharing her Indigenous culture, art and teachings to kids all over the country in her vibrant educational resources created in collaboration with Education National.

Visual, vocabulary and Imagination learning

Captivating illustrations, photos and words can help to increase children’s imagination, creativity and sensory learning skills as well as provide wonderful classroom discussions.

Written by Kiz Costelloe

Thoughtfully written by Kiz Costelloe, a proud Mandandanji and Noonuccal woman.

Made in Australia

Oz Publishing books are proudly designed, illustrated, written and printed in Australia using Australian sustainably sourced paper.

What’s in the box?

This product is sold individually.

Dimensions: A3. (42cm x 30cm) 

Pages: 16 pages. 300gsm mat celoglaze covers and 200gsm satin pages.

Weight: 250 grams.

Ages: 3+

The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Story Big Book

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